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SideStory is now live in Paris! View our press kit here.

What the world is saying about SideStory:

“5 best London guided walks”

“These real-life experiences serve as a hands-on, analog antidote to the way in which young consumers’ lives are increasingly lived online.”

“This super-curated private tour is led by Michelle Butterly, an actress who’s trod the boards of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. […] Theatreland is your oyster.”

“…the deal shows the value travel companies are placing on owning a bigger slice of the growing experience sector.”

 “SideStory is a curated marketplace offering cultural and creative experiences in London and Paris with independent insiders.”

“Big Ben and Westminster Abbey old hat? Take a fresh look at London on an insider’s tour”

“What strikes me as we stroll these streets is how Naomi’s dynamic approach to life echoes that of Peckham: experimenting, embracing, then evolving and regrouping.”

“A startup that connects travelers with cultural ‘insiders’ who serve as guides for hyper-local experiences in food, art, design, fashion and photography.”

“Guests are invited to uncover the city through the eyes of carefully selected SideStory Insiders.”

“For those landing in London and wanting to plunge right in, SideStory is your new go-to”

“These bespoke tours led by London insiders avoid clichéd tourist traps”

“Le site permet de découvrir des aspects peu connus ou des endroits difficilement accessibles des villes en compagnie de photographes, de chefs ou de designers.”

“This fact is something that SideStory know, and it’s them who have brought us together today—us being three writers and Inua Ellams, poet and playwright. Inua is one of their ‘insiders’—people who know the city and its fabric in detail and with passion, and have a talent for helping others to do so as well.”

“This bakery tour through the best of East London’s old school gems and new British bakeries was a fantastic experience, and one I’d love to do all over again.”

“I can guarantee that if you take this walk you will never look at the city in quite the same way again.”

“If you’re after a new or different view of London, this is just your ticket.”

“Die Plattform bittet “Experten aus der Kreativindustrie”, wie man das hier nennt, mit zahlenden Gästen thematische Spaziergänge.”

“startups worth looking at to better understand where the activity is in the travel sector”

“Have London fed to you on a silver spoon by creative movers and shakers”

“For Londoners not able to escape the city, SideStory has launched its own immersive experiences”

“An exclusive package where you can learn all about the street art scene”

“Cliched tourist traps be gone – try a SideStory guest experience, and experience
first-hand the vibrant culture of the city”

“Cities to steep yourself in – London”

“Something new to tourists who want to get off the tourist trail and discover a different side to the city”

“A new London tour company connects travellers with an impressive collection of creative
insiders, each an authority in their field”

“…arguably one of the capital’s coolest tour operators”

“A tour of London’s contemporary-art scene and explore the experiential frontier
of travelling with start-up SideStory”

“Forget the generic sightseeing tour —see a local’s London”

“Hot travel trends: Flashpacking is easier than ever, immersive travel is de rigueur
and thought-provoking luxury is what we want…”

“No better way to uncover a destination and enrich a journey”

“Showcasing local tastemakers and knowledgable insiders, bespoke London tour
company SideStory sidesteps the stale ‘follow the umbrella’ formula…”

“Inside scoop: new travel site SideStory offers up immersive

experiences with London’s cultural elite”

“A travel site that connects cultural enthusiasts with tastemakers in London”

“Storytelling is something that’s fundamental to creating a human
connection, and what better way to do so than by meeting the
creatives that really make a city tick?”

“Immersive travel offers travellers the opportunity for a more
meaningful experience than the one-size-fits-all group tour”

“As one of the newest travel companies in London, SideStory whisks its privileged
guests on a journey behind the ordinary and into the extraordinary…”

“A new organisation which runs tours and events, led by experts, which introduces
visitors to some of the best cultural destinations as well as
the world of fashion, photography, design and street art.

Whether you wish to explore photography, art, architecture, fashion or food, a SideStory guide will give you the opportunity to understand the story behind. A great concept you should think about.

“A new wave of holidays aimed at entrepreneurs, creatives and Silicon Valley
types blend cultural experiences with dialogue and debate”

“Different guided adventures like insight into London’s graffiti and street art”

“A new service harnesses the insight of local creatives to help
you get more from your time away”