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Journalist Sophie Campbell

If it's the stories that make a city great, then London is truly up there with the best of them. As a travel writer with the venerable Telegraph, Sophie Campbell has been listening and retelling the tales of London's streets for most of her career. So who better to explore the backstreets of this remarkable town with?

"I spend half my life out walking in this city," says Sophie. "It just mesmerises me, and you can never do enough reading or finding out about it." Luckily for Sophie, her job requires that she reads and finds out as much as she can, and the research for her book The Season makes her an expert in the way the city has evolved socially over the last few centuries.  

Spend time with Sophie if you're interested in the nooks, the crannies, the shadows and the secrets that London has to offer. "If you're a Londoner," she says, "you'll come to know more about the places you've walked past many times without a second glance. If you're visiting London, you'll see a part of this great metropolis that is far from the glitter of the West End or the postcard city visitors so often start with." Book now to begin a real journey beneath the surface.

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"Sophie is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, engaged. She could answer all our questions and then add a bit more with humour and a clear love of what she does. She is the perfect guide to the City of London."

Alex S., April 2018