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Foreign policy advisor & diplomat Owen W. Cameron

Owen is a former lawyer and diplomat. He spent his early career working for the Australian Government, pouring over international treaties and legal agreements. Following his years as a diplomat, Owen took roles in a range of artificial intelligence startups in Edinburgh, London and San Francisco, as well as a summer with Google, UK. He completed his MBA at the London Business School in 2015.

Throughout his years of work, he has stayed an active foreign policy writer and historian and is working on two history books. He has conducted countless hours of guided historical tours that focus on specific hidden aspects of London’s story: the history of business, finance, infrastructure - and of course, London’s inextricable link to the history of spying. The world has always been captivated by espionage and Owen's Experience will introduce you to London's most gripping spy stories.

A fantastic storyteller who keeps his audience engaged and entertained with the amazing stories of London's spy ring from the World Wars to today.