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Brutalism expert and artist Charlie Warde

Architecture expert and artist Charlie Warde is uniquely positioned to offer a fascinating perspective into the world of Brutalism and post-war architectural design. With an artistic residency in the iconic Trellick Tower, a building designed by esteemed architect Ernö Goldfinger, he’s able to give a one-of-a-kind insight into this distinctive movement. His SideStory Experience also offers extremely rare access to the building itself.

Having worked closely with highly regarded architects, including Neave Brown, Charlie co-produced the well regarded and authoritative radio series Homes of Tomorrow, which explored Goldfinger’s legacy and the broader themes of social housing.

A SideStory Experience with Charlie will take you to the heart of British modernism, Brutalism and the history of post-war social housing. Exploring Trellick Tower itself, as well as the area around it, you will consider the Utopian drive to design for community, and how such architecture provides London with its edge and character – something now more relevant than ever.

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"It was an absolutely fantastic experience on Saturday. It was just such a thrill to hear your insiders speak with such passion about subjects they clearly love."

Sam C., May 2018