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London Retailer & Evening Standard Columnist Ben Leask

London is a city built on trading and shopkeeping, says Ben Leask. Given that he’s spent his career passionately engaged in the retail industry, he would know. With a resume that includes tenure at his father’s jewellery business, La Fromagerie, Ginger Pig, and now his own business “Ben’s House”, he knows the world of local London produce like no other.

Having spent many years learning the ropes of the retail world and food retail, in particular, Ben’s realisation that there were enough unique producers within the capital led him to open his own store. Showcasing more than 200 food products, the shop boasts the distinction of showcasing products that are cured, created or crafted within the bounds of the capital. The products reflect Ben’s passion for the true retail underbelly of old and new London, and listening to him speak of them makes his enthusiasm infectious.

An Experience with Ben will lead you away from the High Street to meet those involved in the kind of retail world that is inextricably linked to the history of London: small-scale producers selling the finest products - the types of products people travel miles to find once they know where to go.

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Ben's energy is contagious, and his understanding of the London retail world is utterly fascinating

Beth C