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The unexpected British staple: Curry. Meet London’s Top 5

This may come as a surprise to travellers, but Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the top five most popular “British” foods. Which makes us think…what is British food these days?

The UK capital has long been a melting pot of cultures and foods, but the humble curry has truly become a national British dish. The wave of post-colonial migrants secured the spicy stew as a local favourite, and the comforting dish has been going strong ever since. Here is our list of the most unique and delicious curries in London in honour of National Curry Week. Dig in.

1. The con-fusion curry

Where: Nanban
Order: Lazy Goat Tsukemen

#nanbannews 9 is all about Tsukemen. Tsukemen means literally “dipping noodles” and it’s a great choice especially in the summer. The noodles, in fact, are served cold and only meant to be dipped in the hot sauce/broth. The sauce is served on the side, and usually placed in stone bowls to preserve the right balance of heat and maintain the firmness of the noodles. At Nanban you can enjoy two different versions of tsukemen: the best seller “Leopard” and the beloved “Curry goat”. Both served with scotch bonnets-pickled bamboo shoots to give it that extra punch, will surely conquer your heart…and if you haven’t tried either yet, well, get ready to extend your comfort food list! #currygoat #dippingramen #scotchbonnets #ramen #japanesefood #nanbanlondon #nanbanbrixton

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This unexpected curry from Nanban is the epitome of fusion food and stays true to the restaurant’s promise of delivering Japanese soul food. The red curry is spicy and highly addictive. Served with a side of noodles, enjoy the curry by dipping the noodles in the stew and slurping up the boneless goat with a Japanese soup spoon. The rich yolk in the curry? The cherry on the cake.

2. Cool kids curry

Where: Hoppers
Order: Crab Curry Special

Incredibly messy and unforgettably unique, Hopper’s crab curry is a must. Enjoy the dish with a side of their unique hopper “pancake” or a fresh dosa. This Soho favourite is always busy, so make sure to arrive early to enjoy the much loved Sri Lankan fare. Alternatively, the restaurant’s brand new outpost at St Christopher’s Place accepts bookings, if you’re not one for queuing.

3. High-end classic curry

Where: Gymkhana
Order: Chicken Butter Masala

Beautiful shot of our Chicken Butter Masala 📸 by @supertastermel #GymkhanaLondon

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Gymkhana consistently holds an undisputed place on every list of the best Indian restaurants in London. This classic restaurant delivers on the promise of delicious food and fantastic service and has kept its Michelin star for 2018. The chicken butter masala is smooth, rich and creamy: the quintessential chicken curry.

4. Humblebrag vegetarian curry

Where: Ganapati
Order: Daal Curry

Ganapati’s daal curry is a side dish with star power. Its fragrant and comforting flavours are a perfect complement to the restaurant’s famous parathas. This South London favourite is unmissable: even our Insider Naomi Knill makes it a stop on her Vegetarian Exploration.

5. Casual Caribbean curry

Where: RotiShop
Order: Oxtail and beans curry

Flavour parties are the best parties! Join the lovely Marie Mitchell of Pop’s Kitchen and the welcoming chaps of the Island Social Club over at RotiShop for some casual, lip-smacking Caribbean curries. Their slow ‘n’ low mutton curry is really an unmissable dish to add to your curry repertoire. Join them at Styx bar through October and in Hackney in the lead-up to Christmas. Yah man.