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London’s Top 10 Coffee Shops & Cafes

By Caroline Schurman

Londoners love their coffee. They ask for flat whites to take away, cappuccinos to have in, piccolos with croissants…a white americano. Each has a coffee ritual, yet another product of London’s multiculturalism. Thankfully, the city is able to cater to the needs of all caffeine aficionados. Whether you’re living in Shoreditch, working in Fitzrovia or just roaming around Marylebone, there will always be somewhere to enjoy a strong cup of Joe… and maybe even a delicious treat. Here are London’s top 10 coffee shops.

  1. Store Street Espresso (Bloomsbury & Fitzrovia)

With two locations in Central London, it’s a must for anyone strolling around the area. The coffee is strong, the décor is minimalistic and the latte art is picture perfect – get your cameras ready.

  1. Monocle Café (Marylebone)

Marylebone offers yet another little gem in the Monocle Café. Its cosiness brings comfort to all coffee and magazine fanatics. Order a Scandinavian cardamom bun, sit back and enjoy some well-deserved people watching.

London's top 10 Coffee Shop s

  1. Monmouth Coffee (Borough & Covent Garden)

Monmouth has been named the best coffee in London many times, to nobody’s surprise. The beans are smooth yet bursting with flavour: Paired with silky hot milk, it’s a go-to for all flat-white aficionados. The coffee is worth the wait and will leave you wanting more.

  1. Workshop Coffee Co (Clerkenwell)

Clerkenwell coffee-joints do not disappoint. Baristas at Workshop Coffee Co take pride in carefully explaining the daily roasts and the menu to customers. You feel the passion for the bean the moment you walk in. The best seats are by the window, the best spot to get work done or catch up with a mate.  

  1. Kaffeine (Fitztrovia)

Kaffeine makes Fitzrovia employees more productive than ever. Why? Probably because they get up in the morning knowing fantastic coffee is just steps away. With the goal of bringing Australian coffee culture to Central London, this is the ideal place for a takeaway cup on the way to work.

London's top 10 coffee shops

  1. Doppio (Whitechapel & Kentish Town)

Unleash your inner barista. The Doppio warehouses – one off Brick Lane and one in Kentish Town – offer fantastic beans and coffee machines at unbeatable prices. The decor is sparse, but their passion for coffee is sure to inspire you.

  1. Lantana (Shoreditch)

Lantana is the go-to for foodies needing strong coffee to accompany their meal. The French toast is a must order for brunch and the lunch menu offers a variety of culinary treats during the week. This Australian coffee shop provides third wave coffee at its finest.

  1. Stir Coffee (Brixton)

Get transported to a perfectly hipster and laid back Brooklyn cafe when you step into Stir Coffee. The bean roast is smooth and rich, to enjoy with their wonderful selection of sweet and savoury treats. Vegan options available (of course).

London's Top 10 Coffee Shops

  1. Old Spike Roastery (Peckham)

This trendy cafe boasts its own in-house roastery. The smell of coffee beans will hit you hard! The beautiful open-plan kitchen gives a chance to peek at the chefs in action while you sip on a lip smacking cappuccino.  

  1. Exmouth Coffee Company (Whitechapel)

Exmouth may not be a known name to many Londoners, but they have definitely gaped hungrily in the window. This charming cafe boasts an incredible spread of sweet and savoury treats – a buffet of hearty foods to fill your belly before a long day of working or exploring. Go for the cakes, stay for the coffee.