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London’s Top 5 Ice Creams

By Caroline Schurman

There’s nothing quite like London in the summer: Faces brighten, parks crowd with blankets and eager sunbathers, travellers fill the streets with cheer and the smell of treats fills the air. There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of the sunny season than with an ice cream! Mr Whippy with a flake is an unsung London classic, but why not try something special? Here are some ideas to get you discovering more of London and its lip-smacking sweet spots.

  1. Chin Chin Labs (Camden Town)

Located in the heart of Camden market, this is ice cream like you’ve never seen it before. This tiny shop looks like a culinary lab, working with liquid nitrogen to create unique flavours. The choices are limited but in no way disappointing. Serving fancy staples such as Valrhona chocolate and burnt butter caramel, it’s perfect for those who love quirky toppings. Fancy some raspberry sauce and pistachio cardamom powder? Or maybe salted caramel sauce with grilled white chocolate? The possibilities are endless. Perk: They always have vegan options. A must.

  1. Lab G (Brixton)

Ever wondered what hemp ice cream or avocado sorbet tastes like? Well, wonder no more. Lab G’s goal is to prepare gelato the traditional way but offer funky new flavours. Too daring? Don’t worry, they have traditional flavours as well. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, this is the place! You’ll find it next to Caribbean restaurants, thrift shops and street vendors; it’s a great excuse to spend the day in Brixton Village.

  1. Gelatorino (Covent Garden)

Traditional Italian gelato in the heart of Covent Garden, a dream treat. Don’t look for anything unordinary here. Gelatorino aims to bring real Italian flavours to life with the likes of roasted pistachios, Gianduja, stracciatella and hazelnut – classic staples. Don’t be fooled by its central location; it’s not a tourist trap, it’s fantastic!

  1. Milk Train (Covent Garden and Oxford Street)

London is filled with quirky spots and Milk Train is definitely one of them. How about some Matcha soft serve nestled in candyfloss? It’s an offer you can’t refuse. The flavours are limited but the results are other-worldly; this place is all about aesthetics! Decorate it, photograph it and share it on social media to get serious food envy.

  1. Oddono’s (South Kensington)

After visiting the Natural History Museum or the Victoria & Albert, the tummy-rumbling begins. Sit down in this little shop and enjoy a scoop of gelato on a warm day. Oddono’s is simple and small – just what you need on a weekend afternoon or on your way home from work. Sometimes simple can bring the greatest satisfactions: No frills and no fuss, just amazing gelato.