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5 great places to try London street food

Capital spots to satiate your ever-demanding tastebuds

Spending time with London’s creative movers and shakers is the reason that SideStory exists, so it would be silly of us not to plumb their extensive knowledge banks for useful tidbits of insider information from time to time. With the weekend coming up, we thought we’d ask our food Insider, TV chef and cookbook author Celia Brooks, for a few suggestions about where we might try the ultimate in London street food. Below you’ll find five spots, several off-the-beaten-track, that ought to ease your insatiable taste buds.

Remember, before you head off, that some of these can be experienced in the company of Celia herself. So, if you want to take a wander around London street food hotspots in the company of a genuine TV chef, check out her SideStory profile. We look forward to getting you all booked up.


Southall street food

“You ought to head over here over the weekend. It’s not on your typical trendy street food path at all, but it’s such a wonderful experience to behold – it’s like being transported to India for the day as you immerse yourself in the vibe of the neighbourhood. There’s lots of traditional Indian street food, including the best gol gappa and pani puri – crisp round pillows filled with chickpeas, potatoes, onions and spicy tamarind sauce.”

Whitecross Street


“You need to head over here at lunchtime on weekdays. My partner works near here so I leap at the rare chance to meet him there for lunch. I love Luardo’s Mexican food and Chao bahn mi – I always go for the tofu one. My man loves the duck confit from The Frenchie.”

Borough Market


“I spend a lot of time here. The hot food section is in the Green Market and is open Mondays to Saturdays, but you should avoid Saturdays as it’s too busy. My absolute favourite stop off is Ethiopian Flavours – I often get a large serving of w’at and injera and take it home for dinner – there’s plenty to share and it reheats brilliantly. Also, the kranom krok (baby coconut custard pancakes) from a Thai stall by the same name – galactically delicious.”

Urban Food Fest Shoreditch

London foodies

“Set up by an adorable couple of bankers pursuing their dream on the weekends. It’s an enclosed space with loads of stalls and a great vibe. I love the vegan Italian in a double decker bus!”


Tottenham Green

“It’s best on Sundays. This is my local market, and I’d say it’s worth a trip up Tottenham way for the awesome Mauritian food from House of Dodo, curry in a fresh paratha from Kolkati, or fresh skin-on chips with spicy sauce. Then take a walk along the beautiful nearby Lea Valley Nature Reserve (London’s largest park) to burn it off.”

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