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Graffiti artist Karim Samuels

From the moment he landed in London from Zimbabwe, Karim Samuels was drawn to the city's graffiti and street art scene. Studying the people and styles that define it, he found himself powerless to resist, and his art can now be seen adorning walls across the capital. His expertise on the subject is also much in demand, and he has conducted highly regarded workshops and tours for clients that include the BBC.

Karim's enthusiasm is infectious, and it springs from a background in architecture – something that is evident in the "insane knowledge" that he imparts during your time with him. He has certainly inspired us to look closer at the amazing array of urban interventions across the capital.

"Street art in London is always in flux," he says, "and it is a wonderful cacophony of colour and characters." Join one of his Experiences and fine-tune your eye on the street.

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“We were impressed with Karim's encyclopedic knowledge of the street art scene; his ability to explain not just details regarding the artists and techniques involved, but also to illustrate the sub-culture of street art was incredible.”

Kathleen S., October 2017