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Award-winning author Heidi James

Everybody has a novel in them, or so the saying goes. It's prying it out that seems to be the difficulty for most people. If this sounds anything like you, then spending time with Heidi James is sure to get the creative juices flowing.

An award-winning author currently working on her third novel (to be published in May 2017), with an earlier novel, Wounding, now optioned for a movie, Heidi has an amazing track record in the world of publishing. Having run her own independent publishing company, which helped to launch the careers of novelists Lee Rourke and Tony O'Neil, she now spends her non-writing hours lecturing in creative writing and English literature at the Foundation for International Education.

Simply put, Heidi knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to creative writing. If anyone has the ability to squeeze that difficult first novel out of you, it's Heidi James.

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"I have been going over my London-Amsterdam trip and I say this without any exaggeration that meeting with Heidi was the highlight of this trip. Thank you, Heidi, for all your insights and advice!"

Hardik T., May 2018

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