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Gin expert Chris Bryant-Mansell

Only few can boast about having had a drink in every London bar without being perceived to be beyond help. Chris Bryant-Mansell is amongst the lucky ones. Responsible for promoting Martin Miller’s Gin and educating consumers across London and the UK, Chris is a spirits industry insider. During his time on the front line promoting the brand, Chris contributed to steering gin to the forefront of the craft drink renaissance. The juniper spirit has since emerged from dusty drink cabinets to become featured prominently in the coolest cocktail bars across the city.

Chris is also co-creator of The World Sip - a documentary that unveils how craft spirits are made around the world. The creative initiative deepened his knowledge of the vast uniqueness of each spirit, from flavour profiles to historical significance.

An Experience with Chris covers gin’s extensive history, production processes, use in cocktails and existing variations. His relaxed and conversational approach will make you feel like you’re catching up with a (vastly insightful) friend over some fine drinks.

"Chris was our host and he was amazing. Tasted some great gins, learnt a lot about gin and met some interesting people."

Tracey S. (TripAdvisor Review)