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Turkish Delights Explore a foodie paradise in Turkish London with TV chef, Celia Brooks
  • Food and drink

  • Haringey

  • 3 hours

About the Experience
Join TV chef and food writer, Celia Brooks, as she takes you on a private tour of one of London's up-and-coming foodie hotspots. Green Lanes is known as a hub for London's Turkish community and, as such, you'll find few better places to try Turkish cooking and shop for ingredients to experiment with back in your own kitchen. Celia lives locally and has her allotment in the area. She has spent years trying out the best restaurants and local shops, and is wonderfully placed to give you a real off-the-beaten-track tour. Perfect for adventurous foodies as you'll be heading into the unknown. As part of this bespoke, luxury travel tour you'll be sampling the tantalising delights of a Turkish ocakbasi (barbecue), wandering and tasting your way through specialist shops and bakeries – with Celia showing you the choicest ingredients and bargains along the way. You'll encounter Turkish vegetarian meatballs, hot roasted nuts, halva, Turkish delight, the capital’s best freshly made baklava, not to mention visiting the coolest new bars and cafes in this bubbling community.

Includes: Tastings

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Total Price:
£400 (£400pp)