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London Street Photography Street Photography: London through the historical lens
  • Photography

  • Central London

  • 3 hours

About the Experience

Join celebrated street photographer, Nick Turpin, on a photographic and historical journey through some of the busiest and most significant locations of central London. Imagine looking into your camera and seeing London - today’s bustling streets and life - then looking away and seeing London, as it appeared in the past.  Nick will introduce you to street photography strategy and technique while exploring central London. Learn how to identify and capture the significant, the beautiful and the unusual in the everyday as you begin people-watching.

Starting at The British Museum, make your way south via Charing Cross Road, Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus and down to Trafalgar Square. 

As you snap away, Nick will show you some iconic images of the streets over the centuries. By comparing the images on your camera to those from the past, notice how the streets have remained the stage for social, historical and political plays to unravel every day. The images you snap on this experience contribute to the continuation of that historical record.

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£175pp (£350)